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The Star Within

As we dream in depths of darkness we travel afar with the velocity of a comet we are the Star The light we see comes from within our Soul as we touch with the Universe we are whole

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Me and Thee

As we look in the mirror who is it we see The man before is that how others see me Maybe not quite just a reflection that be We are much more me and thee

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Warbler of Wonder

The warbler of wonder hidden in the luscious green an enigma to the ears This little marvel is hiding cannot be seen – A constant melody to sooth away the tears Nature’s bulletin we should enjoy our God blessed years

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The Hermit

Dreamy solitude Wonderful, thought provoking peaceful For to be a thought and word hermit Hidden from the world, alone Just you and words A silent sanctuary of imagination and prose What a dream

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Morning Light

The owl is my eyes and my spiritual shield with her at my side everything is revealed The moon is my light which guides my course as I seek my destination and source Nature is my teacher that the future is bright However dark it seems there will be morning light

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When anxiety bites Or the grip of depression looms I stare at the moon Observing it’s surface The subtle shades The patterns caused by eon old impact craters Mesmerised by it’s dim shimmering light As I contemplate my breathing slows calm comes over me For the moon’s beauty and radiance brings tranquility

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You are in there somewhere  Where you and your herd roam Within the imposing deep dark forest  is your concealed and safe home  You are our neighbour we rarely see Just knowing you are there wild and free Fills our heart with joy and glee

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Meander of Magic

The Coast Path a journey of joy a wander of wonder a meander of magic Not another soul can be heard The sublime bliss of ballads of birdsong the nattering of nature touch the soul Each crunching footstep a step closer to peace a step further away from harm As if the path of Nirvana…

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The Grassy Field

The grassy field with eyes sealed is where I sat Wishing to be healed – With no vision the world I clearly heard the bees buzzing The song of a nearby bird – For that moment with just my ears my thoughts I wiped away life’s tears

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A Pilgrimage

Striding across field and lake he has left his past long ago in his wake – His is a pilgrimage of the soul to find that place where he is whole – He believes such a place must exist where peace and harmony give a loving kiss

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The Nomad

The dusty trail the Nomad walks Beyond voluptuous valleys Across fields of sun burnt pastures  The chaotic world left behind – With no one in sight He walks without sound or murmur  In quiet contemplation of that he has left  And of the future unknown  – With each step of his worn boots The weight…

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We know you are there keeping our soul true Hidden but seen for we can feel you Quietly and subtlety you guide our journey giving assistance when all is stormy Who you are is only known to each For you are there if we reach

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Soul begat soul as the Earth circles the Sun endlessly from son to daughter daughter to son

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Time and Space

With your infinite grace and beauty you teach that love can endure through time and space for it is magical and pure You guide us to understand the depth of our soul the beauty that we are how to make ourselves whole You are companion to many a glorious light to seek for you remind…

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When we sit think what matters is it stuff all the chatter Probably not that’s just noise being who we are is where we find our true soul poise

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