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The Glance

Briefly seen I haven’t a clue who you are but for that moment any ills disappeared afar A glance sometimes is all that is needed for peace to be well and truly seeded

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The gentle trickle a soothing massage for the soul the soft breeze a calming balm for the mind both a reminder that the Universe’s magic is not always signed

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A recurring poetic dream of being The Bird gliding sky high Earth beneath, blue sky above just soaring with peace, harmony and love

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Being in the moment the dance of gorgeous butterflies a ballad of the sweetest songbirds breathings to hold on to moments and memories to help us through

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The chilling water envelops pulling us deeper down as we submerge peace sings a hymn of love We emerge revived with love in our heart forever knowing from our sanctuary we will never be apart

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Warming Balm

Glistening soothing water emotion overwhelms sight the warming balm fills our soul with joyful cosmic light Melodies from Angels peace overcomes all We are sensing nature’s wondrous healing hall

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Harmonious Years

Beneath the bridge, water winks above, the blue sky smiles at each end the warm forest snuggles for miles and miles Sound not to be beaten plays melodies to please the ears here is somewhere to enjoy all our harmonious years

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The Locked Room

We all need that place to safely go collect one’s thoughts assimilate that we think we know Such a place a physical location to be or maybe just a locked room in our mind which only we can see

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With a few keystrokes we can make someone’s day give them hope with the message we portray The power of the word is ours to use with positive purpose we will heal rather than bruise

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Two Little Deer

With a skip on the dew two little deers excitedly scamper scamper into view Squirrels watch on with tails alive eagerly wishing they begone gone gone Birds high sing a lullaby song In this moment nothing can possibly feel wrong

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Unusual Comrades

Unusual comrades the Cat and Bird together silent not saying a word Normally foe but friends to the last a bond we see unnaturally steadfast Maybe a lesson for all together strength apart we fall

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Kaleidoscope Creek

Through the Kaleidoscope Creek the Fledgling transcends leaving behind the monochrome to find that which he cannot comprehend The mystery maze of Life is his journey to pursue to unearth his colourful centre and all that is true

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Once a day a good deed to be done multiplied by the planet a mighty positive sum A little gesture all that is needed for goodness to be well and truly seeded

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The sweet song of angels can be heard when all is quiet their warm embrace when only stillness we feel Peace and love given nourishment a spiritual meal

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One And You

A cooling breeze beautiful words in prose the soul lifted a blossoming rose Still silence just one and you our gentle hearts on the breeze flew

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Proudly Wear

Little green caterpillar as we watch you grow you bring a smile make our heart glow – Once you’ve had your fill gobbled enough you rest protected in a skin so so tough – Now the magic begins a wondrous change how is a mystery and beautifully strange – After a few long days you…

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The Hazy Moon

The hazy moon witnessed through arms of the trees The dim stars play peek a boo through the clouds The gentle breeze whispers a ballad to please the ears All bring one to earth

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Skyward I stare through clouds my heart jumping out loud Seeing the beyond calm descends any troubles dissipate peacefully end

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An Angel tiptoes no sound is heard before fluttering the wings of a bird Wings lift peace is found gently she is gone without a sound

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Escape The Many

Sometimes, always lost in a field of dew seeking that path to escape the many find the few Always, sometimes at one in a forest of oak listening to words as they are gently spoke

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The Phoenix

Transformational from old to Young the Phoenix a legend rejoiced in Song Renewal the heart of the Story in it we find peace in all its Glory

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From the depths of self destruction the buzzing bee flies life used to be the proverbial by and by Higher and higher the frantic bee goes no longer caring what it doesn’t know

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Your serene effortless glide teases us with a mere glimmer Our eyes are strained as we try to capture your beauty – Partially visible though you are our heart can sense the miracle of your peace, your harmony – With each glimpse of you our soul leaps – Hear our paean in your honour

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Once I just wanted this and that could be anything from love to a cricket bat Now only peace I seek with words I will simply speak

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