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Mischief Maker of Yggdrasil

Spreading gossip  you run up and down the Tree causing mischief  with considerable glee  – You are Ratatoskr Yggdrasil is your domain  Drill-tooth or Bore-tooth  is your common name  – Between Eagle and Serpent  from top to bottom  messages are passed  twisted but never forgotten  – The squirrel  from Norse lore  trying to stir up …

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Homeward You Charge

Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr teeth-barer and teeth-grinder For Thor’s chariot  you are the mythical pathfinder  – To the Hall of Valhalla  homeward you charge  For then Thor can brawl  drink ale with the Einherjar recharge

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The Brave Fallen

The great wolves Geri and Freki  feast in honour in his dinning hall  whilst he drinks wine  watching the brave fallen brawl  – His loyal companions sit at his throne  whilst one sleeps, the other is awake eagerly watching and guarding  their duty to him they will never forsake

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Striding Above Asgard

With Gungnir in His hand Geri and Freki at His side He strides above Asgard seeing far and wide – For he is Odin known as Woden to some Sing loudly in His honour not meekly or a feeble hum – Huginn and Muninn are His faithful eyes Watching Midgard as His most eager spies…

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Huginn and Muninn The raven messengers of old Observing from mountain to wold If you see a raven take care what they see For they may take note and report back to He

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