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Phew the leap has been made reaching that which eyes surveyed The odyssey complete time to enjoy the plunder followed by a well earned dozy slumber

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In Name

Mammoth in name, mammoth in nature staying toasty with a shaggy coat these big fellas in our chronicle are much more than a small footnote

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The alarm an unwanted friend bird song a trusted loving buddy as weary eyes open slowly life appears glowing and ruddy

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You Beauty

“You beauty” seen through the window my favourite bird seen often heard Popping by to bring delight with a glance I know all is bright

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Just Being

The little Robin appears to transform joy from tears as melancholy bites nature does its upmost to make all bright The wonder of seeing hearing gives untold value to just being

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Doff Our Hat

The cobweb maybe a nuisance to you and me the owner though is doing it’s bit for the planet even if we cannot see The humble Spi-der weaving this way and that For it’s busy work we should doff our hat

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Common Laws

The historic wood with chairs, pixies and more defying nature’s common laws Evolving into something it’s not a change that should never be forgot

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Running on empty fuelled by glee looking at nature what do we see Miracles and wonders to fill the heart with bliss reflecting is there much more better than this

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The grove, mist, apple and pear all being watched by an eager Hare As rain comes down the mist disappears as does the fruit – The Hare says “Cheers”

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Her Herd

To her forest she dedicates her existence within its boundaries all life she gives healing and assistance Whether plants or trees mammal or bird insects or other all are part of her family herd

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The Leaf

On the leaf the Little Fly flies down the river it’s heart an insect quiver To its past it has said bye bye as it hums a beautiful lullaby

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Ducks pad pad paddling squirrels dig dig digging nature all around sing sing singing

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Sitting by the stream for just this moment absorbed by the perfect dream Gentle birdsong woos my thoughts In life at this time nowt can be wrong

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The awkward pigeon fell from tree to ground head first as if it had been downed A flap of its wings made matters much worse causing a cooing choice curse With dignity intact the pigeon shook its head and flew very very wobbly west

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Chuddly the Giraffe bendy and wobbly with knees ever so knobbly The little fella only just born is pretty sure he is the most gorgeous unicorn

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Warming Balm

Glistening soothing water emotion overwhelms sight the warming balm fills our soul with joyful cosmic light Melodies from Angels peace overcomes all We are sensing nature’s wondrous healing hall

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Door open ajar pace pace pace open there starts a race Without caution or caveat she is gone basking in the glorious morning sun

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The Hidey Hidey-Hole

With a cautious creep she finds her hidey-hole looking for that which carelessly takes a stroll Her victim in sight the move is made in the blink of the eye she realises she’s been played The foe not vanquished watches from a high I swear it then waves bye bye

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Work and Play

Pecking and flicking the Blackbird digs looking for morsels hidden amongst the twigs Fascinating to watch mesmerising in a way much we can learn observing nature work and play

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