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The Lake

Some days, some days anxiety is here to stay the heart flutters but not to dance and play Other days anxiety has taken a break the heart beats calm as the most tranquil lake

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Mental well-being manifests in many varied ways when I feel an obsession to tidy be aware of incoming dark turbulent waves The warning of the rising tide an opportunity that may be on the surf we can ride rather than disappear and hide

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The Tree

Staring at a tree nothing being seen within though life bustles busily unseen Looking at a soul true emotions masked within though thoughts whirl positive or dark – The unseen, equally or more important than the seen

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As anxiety holds you in it’s tight grip I want to hold you tight give comfort everything will be alright As life seems troubled you always have my ear always will year by year As storms gather I will always provide a home to warm and dry yourself you never have to roam

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With soaring costs comes soaring stress with soaring stress comes soaring cases of mental health issues With soaring love comes soaring help with soaring help we are One United the battle over the stigma is won As One we are there for Everyone

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Bramble Ramble

My philosophy to live has changed over recent years. As I think I have mentioned before I have had mental health issues in the past and I had to change my mind set to keep myself sane. I used to always sweat about the small stuff and become easily overwhelmed. Now I just try say…

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The Jester

Keeping up appearances is what we do whilst on the inside our mood is completely blue We smile and chat as if all is fine the reality is not so benign We are the Jester all happy and content but in our mind we are suffering anguish and torment We all need to learn to…

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The forest crashes down the earth trembles this is what our mind at it’s worst resembles – Flowers are in bloom the sky is blue our mind as the light shines though – When our mind suffers an ecosystem shift we all need  understanding a loving lift

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I’ve mentioned before that I do, and have suffered with mental health problems in the past. I work for a company that prides itself on promoting the right noises around mental health but the actions it takes in my view are the opposite of this. I’m in pretty good shape mentally at the moment so…

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A Little Slack

I currently have some personal challenges and work related ones going on at the same time. The specifics are not important but it has got me thinking about the past. Twice when I’ve had significant mental health troubles it was a time when personal and work issues were occurring at the same time. I found…

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Calming The Storm

I think like many there are times when I need to find ways to calm the mind when a frantic unremitting storm is raging. I have utilised all manner of distractions to ease the mind as can be evidenced by the random nature of my posts! In the past I have dabbled at cross stitching…

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Lightbulb Moment

I think a lot of us have the same problem. We care deeply, we take on other’s troubles. This thought has come to me as something has come up in my life that isn’t relevant here but it reminded me of a discussion I once had with my therapist. We were having a discussion around…

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Warning Signs

I suffer from OCD of the pesky checking variety. It’s better at the moment but at it’s worst I used to have to plan to leave the house half an hour earlier than I actually did as I got locked into a checking loop. Others, I suspect, may recognise this. During therapy I think I…

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Something About Nothing

I’m having one of those days, sitting at my work computer at home and all is quiet as people are on summer holidays. I’m looking out the window with my feet on the desk (hence the previous poem) thinking about nothing in particular. Maybe I’m trying to reflect or maybe I’m deflecting. This post really…

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I’m not good at eye contact but I do notice people’s eyes. Not sparkly bright eyes but those with a haunted look. I recognise those eyes, I have seen them in the mirror in the past. Eyes never lie, we should always look beyond the smile.

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Mental Health And Other

I’m trying to make this blog a bit like my first, Lost in Nowhere, which was a bit of everything that randomly came to mind. My second blog Perditus was pretty much just poetry and I think I fell out of love with that one so now I’m here. As background I started my first…

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