Tag: Love

Cosmic Star

With strength of will from the dust we rise with love in our hearts others we help likewise Across continents we be but together we are As we look up we see the same cosmic star

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Two Little Deer

With a skip on the dew two little deers excitedly scamper scamper into view Squirrels watch on with tails alive eagerly wishing they begone gone gone Birds high sing a lullaby song In this moment nothing can possibly feel wrong

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The Bonfire

As weary souls merge love flickers into life The ember consumes all a bonfire of strife As the flames burn we see the light There is no darkness all is bright

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Once a day a good deed to be done multiplied by the planet a mighty positive sum A little gesture all that is needed for goodness to be well and truly seeded

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The sweet song of angels can be heard when all is quiet their warm embrace when only stillness we feel Peace and love given nourishment a spiritual meal

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The Warrior rises baby in Arms One to protect and see no Harm Made of iron a gentle Soul Guard the little one his only Goal

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Last Thought

From the moment my consciousness sparks into light My first thought is of you – I marvel at your cosmic beauty Feel your sublime radiance Hear your heavenly voice – You are my strength from weakness My hope from loss My future My present – You are the songbird in the morning The warming sun…

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Your radiance transcends the heart and soul your kindness allows a broken one to be whole You can be gently felt when the heart is true all that we are is embodied with you

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Time and Space

With your infinite grace and beauty you teach that love can endure through time and space for it is magical and pure You guide us to understand the depth of our soul the beauty that we are how to make ourselves whole You are companion to many a glorious light to seek for you remind…

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