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The Screech of Seagulls

The waves envelope me the biting wind stings stones underfoot cause pain seagulls screech in my ears The Sea provides warmth the Breeze refreshes the Soul the Stones remind of the wonder of the Earth the Seagulls reinforce we are one with Nature  Wholeness  overwhelms

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The Line

The Sea  the Life giver  the Heart  to each and every River  – Watched over by a God who goes my many names  Neptune and Poseidon  are just a few he claims  – Without this majesty of nature  humanity and the Earth will be lost  To not wreak his wrath  there is a line that…

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Serendipity the stars bring forth A previous unknown becomes a known The known brings joy as if the missing nexus  has been found The nexus of completeness

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The forest crashes down the earth trembles this is what our mind at it’s worst resembles – Flowers are in bloom the sky is blue our mind as the light shines though – When our mind suffers an ecosystem shift we all need  understanding a loving lift

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The Week

The week  I wish was not  rattles thrown  I care  not a jot The day  when all changed  I care  of course  I’m not deranged

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Chirp Chirp

Tweet tweet chirp cheep soothing melody to my weary ears Chirp chirp cheep cheep water of peace washing away the years The wondrous sound of life wiping away a thousand lonely tears

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In silence  solitude is found  lost in thoughts in memories  we are drowned  A time to reflect  sombrely think musing magic  watching it sink

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A Glimmer

Through bleak darkness  a glimmer of light  illuminates  the world becomes bright  Before long  blossom arrives  then we know  we are truly alive

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There Was Once A Boy

There was once a boy  as birds sung in the morn there was only silence  for there was no joy  As reality was decoded  the boy drifted away  to the mind’s sanctuary  unhappiness eroded  His safe home  a world of make believe  here he was happy  in peace he could roam  – There was once…

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All Our Years

Bog Oak for hundreds if not thousands of years you have been hidden missing a million tears Your ancient beauty is a gentle prompt that resilience is with us for all our years

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The Lion

Where did all go wrong? Disagreements a pastime Antagonism a belief Apathy a life choice – Extremism on the rise Tensions increasing The world slowly dying Metaphorical fires aplenty – The quiet majority Decent, honest, caring Voiceless Trying to be heard over the bedlam – Their roar needs to be heard Their heart needs to…

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North, South, East, West

Which way? North, South, East, West It’s difficult to locate the path Which will give me contentment and rest – Meandering from here to there, lost In the menagerie Hoping my compass is true and will guide me to my destiny – My honest companion, navigate my travels to the end The journey will be…

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When we sit think what matters is it stuff all the chatter Probably not that’s just noise being who we are is where we find our true soul poise

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The Plow

We fall, pick ourselves up dust ourselves down with a bemused frown Always onwards we plow seeking the moment the idyllic now

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From time confused Timmy fell befuddled by a mischievous cosmic spell Love is what he sought with time he hopes it will be lovingly caught

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I am to me what I’m not to others I am to others what I’m not to me I just am



Looking through the glass we see love glance back With this we know the light is true not the darkest of black

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