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A Story

Within the ripples, light can be seen images grow, emerge into view with the mind’s magic, a story grows where it will lead, only we know

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Obsessed with the mundane won’t let anything go I’d rather be learning about things I don’t know So much to learn so much to do we should break the shackles of the uninspired glue

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We Were the Boss

Watching Football from the early 1980’s or Soccer for our US friends a reminder when life was simple bruised bare knees home for tea then off again to the park full of glee On the bike zipping around many times landing on heavy ground We dusted ourselves off onwards again – We were the boss

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Do you ever feel like a chess piece once I was a pawn Now I like to think I’m a rook going up and down side to side reading a cheap fiction book

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Busy busy doing nothing those moments work takes a back seat sitting back and relaxing putting up the tired old feet Gazing out the window listening to chirps and more maybe this is life at it’s best the other bits can be shown the door

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The gentle trickle a soothing massage for the soul the soft breeze a calming balm for the mind both a reminder that the Universe’s magic is not always signed

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Treasure Hunt

The last poem got me thinking munching chips covered in salt and vinegar on the sea front whatever the weather, good or bad in this moment I have won life’s treasure hunt

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The Stick

Sometimes, just sometimes whilst I obliviously stare I wonder to myself what may have been if I choose to dare When the choice came I choose to stick as I look back did I miss a trick

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Too hot or too cold balmy or chilled as an Englishman the Weather will always be unfulfilled The daily obsession to look to the Sky wondering Fahrenheit will you be high

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Who We Are

Being your authentic self is all that matters trying to be someone else leaves your soul shattered When we hide who we are the true us the beautiful us is lost afar

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The Armchair

Distant church bells the cat deep in snores sitting in my favourite chair valiantly ignoring chores Typing this little ditty watching the comfy cat at home in my perfect habitat

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The Constant Path

Conflict is always there in the mind on the television a constant to which we cannot be blind As we open our eyes the truth can be seen whether the answer or the unique path on which we’ve been

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I’ve had numerous inflexion points in my life most I guess have followed some troubling strife as I look back consider what was I reflect it was just because

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Albatross Wings

As I’ve I got older I no-longer care what people think if they don’t like me I just smile and wink The days have passed where such things mattered by the negative attention I’m now suitably flattered Life is too short to worry about such things I’d rather dream of flying on an Albatross’ wings

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I think these days I’m pretty chilled needed for my sanity to be healed Simple things are all I need anything else just feels like greed Simple in nature simple in mind just the tonic to blissfully unwind

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The Fence

A fence or barrier we see hindering our path to that we seek whether physical, emotional or intellectual there is no hurdle we cannot leap

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Stuff, McStuff and more stuff everywhere in the home, every cupboard each and every corner of the mind Time to declutter then holistically we can truly unwind

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Oh My

Overhead, left then right our little friends zip and fly to take to the air to join their fun What a dream oh my

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Nice and Slow

After years of a heavy heart no more he says time to put wrongs right look for that which is bright The path that was followed led to a dead end now a new direction to go taking it nice and slow

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From the deepest of deep root to the highest of high branch the Tree of Life guides shows us how to grow sowing all that it knows

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Harmonious Drums

As the boat crashes against the waves we relentlessly push on as the Dolphin leaps into the air we seek excitement and joy With both fulfilment comes whilst the Universe plays its harmonious drum

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Face to face for the first time Cat meets Deer an encounter very queer Staring at each other for so long together they universally belong

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I’m aligned with nothing I’m aligned with everything I’m part of all I’m part of nothing I am what I am

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Cosmic Star

With strength of will from the dust we rise with love in our hearts others we help likewise Across continents we be but together we are As we look up we see the same cosmic star

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A Curious Fella

With a frantic scuttle the little mouse peeps left then right eyes wide in wonder seeing the world as new and bright Staying hidden is not what he is inclined to do this curious fella is scampering his way to Kathmandu

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Heavenly Flight

With spirit of the air the Eagles flies her’s is a pilgrimage to find life’s highs With strength of the earth her journey persists any obstacle she will robustly resist With warmth of the sun she is filled with delight onwards she goes on her heavenly flight

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Work and Play

Pecking and flicking the Blackbird digs looking for morsels hidden amongst the twigs Fascinating to watch mesmerising in a way much we can learn observing nature work and play

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As curtains are pulled open what do we see the Sun warming me and thee It’s balmy rays are for each and all connected together unite rather than fall

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Two Little Deer

With a skip on the dew two little deers excitedly scamper scamper into view Squirrels watch on with tails alive eagerly wishing they begone gone gone Birds high sing a lullaby song In this moment nothing can possibly feel wrong

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The Path

From the right we come to the left we pass following a path to a dead-end impasse From the stars we came to the ground we go in between we pray to the Above help us grow

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Me and Thee

As we look in the mirror who is it we see The man before is that how others see me Maybe not quite just a reflection that be We are much more me and thee

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