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Look to Praise

Look up in praise to each and every crater on the moon look down in praise the soil under each step we take look behind in praise to the past we have left behind look forward in praise to the days that are yet to come praise surrounds from birth to the end of our…

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Paper and Glue

As we look to the Sky what do we see for some it’s God Not for me Gods or spirits surround all we do We are the paper they are glue As we observe nature at play the Sun and Moon bookend the day

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The gentle trickle a soothing massage for the soul the soft breeze a calming balm for the mind both a reminder that the Universe’s magic is not always signed

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Chanting beneath the moonlight the night visits for just a day guiding our dreams helping to find the path of truth actuality it will weigh

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The chilling water envelops pulling us deeper down as we submerge peace sings a hymn of love We emerge revived with love in our heart forever knowing from our sanctuary we will never be apart

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From the deepest of deep root to the highest of high branch the Tree of Life guides shows us how to grow sowing all that it knows

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Harmonious Drums

As the boat crashes against the waves we relentlessly push on as the Dolphin leaps into the air we seek excitement and joy With both fulfilment comes whilst the Universe plays its harmonious drum

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As curtains are pulled open what do we see the Sun warming me and thee It’s balmy rays are for each and all connected together unite rather than fall

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The Star Within

As we dream in depths of darkness we travel afar with the velocity of a comet we are the Star The light we see comes from within our Soul as we touch with the Universe we are whole

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The Path

From the right we come to the left we pass following a path to a dead-end impasse From the stars we came to the ground we go in between we pray to the Above help us grow

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The Apple

The Apple fruit to you and me to science the answer by decree The Apple a symbol of more once found maybe just maybe we should open the door

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The Nomad

The dusty trail the Nomad walks Beyond voluptuous valleys Across fields of sun burnt pastures  The chaotic world left behind – With no one in sight He walks without sound or murmur  In quiet contemplation of that he has left  And of the future unknown  – With each step of his worn boots The weight…

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As I shut my eyes Your radiant visage is at the corner of my vision  Your presence warms my soul Your hand guides my journey  Your wisdom allows me to see the truth  Your courage fortifies my own – I long to shut my eyes again  So I can be in your company once more

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Tentative Footsteps

A pilgrimage of the soul a journey of the heart tentative footsteps onwards faith will not depart Courage and conviction to continue along the way “Guide me and Protect me” we whisper as we quietly pray

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With our head bowed, peace is found as we gently whisper, you lovingly listen words are heard, hope is given For in the Home of God all are welcome all can be Risen

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The Brush

As the brush caresses the canvas leaps alive which each movement life is born struggling to thrive Nearly complete heavens sing in praise For those who blissfully see to the sky their eyes will raise

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One To One

Brother to brother deceit and lies the truth is seen by almighty eyes One to one peace and love admiring eyes watching from high above Choice to choice through life go some bring happiness joy they sow

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Well of Life

Sustenance no more for the wells are filled live-givers the philistines have ignorantly killed As earth is moved the wells reborn precious water we shalt never mourn

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The Lady of the Lake

From the still water you rise our Lady of the Lake With unrivalled beauty and grace you are the unwitting cause of much lonely heartbreak – As you majestically rise with tranquil timeless charm we feel your magic and love and know in our hearts you mean us no harm – As with all your…

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Never To Fall

They died, for their faith they lived, with their faith following God’s call their faith never to fall Through life’s fires we walk being true to ourselves With this in our heart we will never be alone or truly apart

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My Nocturnal Friend

My nocturnal friend How you see what is invisible to me How you hear what is silent to me My guide through the dark To side step the pitfalls that lie in my path – My nocturnal friend How you see the truth that is hidden from me How you know that which is unknown…

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Your radiance transcends the heart and soul your kindness allows a broken one to be whole You can be gently felt when the heart is true all that we are is embodied with you

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In the Distance

The silence of nothing  wakes up the soul  still broken  far from a whole  With gentle stirring  the light is seen  In the distance  who we are  not what we’ve been

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Time and Space

With your infinite grace and beauty you teach that love can endure through time and space for it is magical and pure You guide us to understand the depth of our soul the beauty that we are how to make ourselves whole You are companion to many a glorious light to seek for you remind…

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The Answer

Do we truly know that we seek do we truly know who we could be Is our heart full of joy and glee Is our soul open and true Our faith helps find the answer deep down we always knew

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North, South, East, West

Which way? North, South, East, West It’s difficult to locate the path Which will give me contentment and rest – Meandering from here to there, lost In the menagerie Hoping my compass is true and will guide me to my destiny – My honest companion, navigate my travels to the end The journey will be…

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Looking through the glass we see love glance back With this we know the light is true not the darkest of black

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