Tag: Cat

Mad Moment

Crazy, crazy, crazy that is what she is today flying around happy in solo play Crazy, crazy, crazy the life to be living in the mad moment the point where common sense and fun don’t agree

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Under the warming Sun the head slowly droops Now is not the time for excitement or whoops This is the moment for a busy cat to relax dream of cat things purrfect the chillax

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The Wise Cat

Brush your teeth the Black Cat said in the morning and before you go to bed Wash your paws wisely the Black Cat stated otherwise who knows what might be fated

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Minding her own business, stopped in her tracks staring, an adversary is seen cat watching cat entertainment to view a tonic on the screen

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“Squeak” said the Mouse “Meow” said the Cat “Squeak” said the Mouse “Meow” said the Cat and that was that

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The Sad Cat

The Sad Cat all she wants is tea but the mug is hidden from her and thee A few slurps is all she needs much better than the normal cat feed A heartbreaking poem to end the day That’s it nowt more to say

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To Be a Cat

To be a Cat dreaming of being a lioness tail flicking, legs twitching all the while making some, itching To be a Cat the lioness on the hunt ready to pounce I’m tougher than you ounce for ounce To be a Cat

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Door open ajar pace pace pace open there starts a race Without caution or caveat she is gone basking in the glorious morning sun

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The Hidey Hidey-Hole

With a cautious creep she finds her hidey-hole looking for that which carelessly takes a stroll Her victim in sight the move is made in the blink of the eye she realises she’s been played The foe not vanquished watches from a high I swear it then waves bye bye

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