Chirp Chirp

Tweet tweet chirp cheep soothing melody to my weary ears Chirp chirp cheep cheep water of peace washing away the years The wondrous sound of life wiping away a thousand lonely tears

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Unusual Comrades

Unusual comrades the Cat and Bird together silent not saying a word Normally foe but friends to the last a bond we see unnaturally steadfast Maybe a lesson for all together strength apart we fall

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Little Blue Tit

Little Blue Tit I see you often whipping this way and that from bush to tree, tree to bush until some food you arrive at Your home is my garden where you live I do not know but somewhere is your nest or as I like to call it, your chateau Seeing you come and…

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You show us the power of metamorphosis with strength of will we can transform As the caterpillar becomes the beautiful butterfly we can emerge stronger subdue the storm

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The sweet song of angels can be heard when all is quiet their warm embrace when only stillness we feel Peace and love given nourishment a spiritual meal

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Love and Kindness

God of the Universe, thank you that you are our creator. The same hand that threw stars into space reaches down to us with a gentle touch. Help us to cast all our anxieties onto you because you care for us. Let us be filled with the peace that comes from knowing your love and…

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I’ve mentioned before that I do, and have suffered with mental health problems in the past. I work for a company that prides itself on promoting the right noises around mental health but the actions it takes in my view are the opposite of this. I’m in pretty good shape mentally at the moment so…

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Morning Light

The owl is my eyes and my spiritual shield with her at my side everything is revealed The moon is my light which guides my course as I seek my destination and source Nature is my teacher that the future is bright However dark it seems there will be morning light

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The Spark

A message of a magpie sparks through the air one of Hope perhaps rather than Despair Silence descends as the magpie takes flight the message delivered there shall be Light

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Life and Times

Another crazy weekend in the UK has just unfolded.  We’ve had panic buying of fuel so now emergency workers can’t get fuel to get to work. This started principally due to the irresponsible news talking up the problem to make it a self fulfilling prophecy.  Politicians have been throwing around insults like kids in the…

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Warbler of Wonder

The warbler of wonder hidden in the luscious green an enigma to the ears This little marvel is hiding cannot be seen – A constant melody to sooth away the tears Nature’s bulletin we should enjoy our God blessed years

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The Voyage

With wings of freedom searching for her haven soars and swoops the indomitable Raven Forever seeking pursuing her Shadow From her timeless voyage harmony will bestow

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Memories flitter across my mind I wonder without them would I be me Without  I would be an empty shell My memories are me

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Kaleidoscope Creek

Through the Kaleidoscope Creek the Fledgling transcends leaving behind the monochrome to find that which he cannot comprehend The mystery maze of Life is his journey to pursue to unearth his colourful centre and all that is true

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The Bird Man

The Bird Man flies escaping his turbulent past seeking new horizons following a new path Enduring vast oceans overcoming barren lands The Sanctuary is sought where life is peaceful not chaotically fraught

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Simple Pilgrim

Just a simple pilgrim of life I am A sojourner of dreams  A wayfarer of thoughts  – The wonder of words is my love The magic of music is my muse  The enchantment of art is my saviour  – The unnecessity of antagonism is my adversity The constancy of conflict is my nemesis  The abundance…

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The Tattooed Man

From the unforgiving forest the Tattooed Man strides on a mission to find the nature spoiler he derides With the Woodpecker as his faithful guide the sought has nowhere to seek refuge and hide

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The Hermit

Dreamy solitude Wonderful, thought provoking peaceful For to be a thought and word hermit Hidden from the world, alone Just you and words A silent sanctuary of imagination and prose What a dream

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Lord Jesus Christ, when we are confused about what we should do, give us wisdom and understanding. Show us your ways. When we don’t know what to do, would you send your Holy Spirit to direct our thoughts, words and deeds. May the word of Christ dwell in us richly, teaching us in all wisdom.…

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Migratory Bird

It’s difficult to comprehend the direction you are heading You think you are on path Then you find a dead end Or have somehow taken a wrong turn – Sometimes the hamster on a wheel Running faster and faster to reach your destination But find yourself where you started – Or the lemming Having to…

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The Four Seasons

The four seasons our moods Spring hope for the new dawn of light Summer basking in the glorious light Autumn the slow spiral downward towards darkness Winter the feeling of the cold chill of darkness Then a new year the cycle begins afresh Whilst we wish for perpetual summer

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As dew drips off a leaf the tears trickle down her face A gentle flowing stream becomes a waterfall of emotion As the sun rises in the morn a smile blossoms on her face The new dawn becomes the glorious midday sun For these were tears of joy

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The Cup

I watch my family play with joy and laughter I hear the birds chant a boon to my ears I stand still, silent absorbing the moment Seeking sustenance from the cup

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The gentle movement draws me in The slow hypnotic methodical swaying mesmerises Just focused on the motion I feel serenity wash over me For a moment or two Any troubles dissipate into the void

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When anxiety bites Or the grip of depression looms I stare at the moon Observing it’s surface The subtle shades The patterns caused by eon old impact craters Mesmerised by it’s dim shimmering light As I contemplate my breathing slows calm comes over me For the moon’s beauty and radiance brings tranquility

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Mischief Maker of Yggdrasil

Spreading gossip  you run up and down the Tree causing mischief  with considerable glee  – You are Ratatoskr Yggdrasil is your domain  Drill-tooth or Bore-tooth  is your common name  – Between Eagle and Serpent  from top to bottom  messages are passed  twisted but never forgotten  – The squirrel  from Norse lore  trying to stir up …

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Fruit of the Spirit

Generous Father, thank you that your Holy Spirit dwells in our heart. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness. May we grow in these things through the work of the Spirit within us. Let us be filled with your peace as we persevere through the wind and waves…

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The Rickety Fence

Like an old rickety fence I am In a gentle wind I move  Swaying this way and that In blustery gusts I sway further, creaking  But upright I stay How I fear the storm  My old timbers may not hold A lifetime of battering has done its worse But if the storm breaks me New…

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Homeward You Charge

Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr teeth-barer and teeth-grinder For Thor’s chariot  you are the mythical pathfinder  – To the Hall of Valhalla  homeward you charge  For then Thor can brawl  drink ale with the Einherjar recharge

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The Brave Fallen

The great wolves Geri and Freki  feast in honour in his dinning hall  whilst he drinks wine  watching the brave fallen brawl  – His loyal companions sit at his throne  whilst one sleeps, the other is awake eagerly watching and guarding  their duty to him they will never forsake

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A Spring Day

The silence is elusive the noise is relentless The innocence of youth long gone the cynicism of age well embedded The experience of life  wintry the wonder for Life a dewy spring day

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