Time and Space

With your infinite grace and beauty you teach that love can endure through time and space for it is magical and pure You guide us to understand the depth of our soul the beauty that we are how to make ourselves whole You are companion to many a glorious light to seek for you remind…

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The Little Pebble

Shiny little pebble What have you seen What have you experienced Born in the heat of a furnace Worn down by your environment Trampled on for eons You are a wonder an inspiration  For how you shine beautifully

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Once a day a good deed to be done multiplied by the planet a mighty positive sum A little gesture all that is needed for goodness to be well and truly seeded

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As she glides over hillocks you may discern a glint of a smile the life she sought pulling an indescribable yearn She soars over mountains a thought impossible feat her freedom has been found A promise has been made enjoy each and every heartbeat

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The Shallows

Through the shallows he walks water falling in tears from boots worn Each step, each effort takes him further from that he mourns The shadows left long behind his past a distant dream Contentment he will find once he has travelled life’s stream

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In one of my many attempts at new crafts, I had a stab at mosaic making. A couple are shown here. I wasn’t too happy with them as I felt they looked clunky but I must have done something right as my sister liked them and kept them…..

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The Week

The week  I wish was not  rattles thrown  I care  not a jot The day  when all changed  I care  of course  I’m not deranged

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Chirp Chirp

Tweet tweet chirp cheep soothing melody to my weary ears Chirp chirp cheep cheep water of peace washing away the years The wondrous sound of life wiping away a thousand lonely tears

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