A Little Slack

I currently have some personal challenges and work related ones going on at the same time. The specifics are not important but it has got me thinking about the past. Twice when I’ve had significant mental health troubles it was a time when personal and work issues were occurring at the same time. I found…

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Calming The Storm

I think like many there are times when I need to find ways to calm the mind when a frantic unremitting storm is raging. I have utilised all manner of distractions to ease the mind as can be evidenced by the random nature of my posts! In the past I have dabbled at cross stitching…

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My Webcomic

Back in the day, in a previous time I created a webcomic. This is the first issue. I’ll post some more issues later. Hope you like 😊

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In silence  solitude is found  lost in thoughts in memories  we are drowned  A time to reflect  sombrely think musing magic  watching it sink

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