Category: My Poetry

The Tree

Staring at a tree nothing being seen within though life bustles busily unseen Looking at a soul true emotions masked within though thoughts whirl positive or dark – The unseen, equally or more important than the seen

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The Jigsaw

The jigsaw when the last piece is misplaced unsatisfying and incomplete As in life, once found whole the circle once again perfectly round

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Shooting Star

The Ant on a swing dreaming, wishing to take to wings As the swing rides high he takes to the air wondering shall I go here or there With a broad smile he travels afar the Ant equivalent of a shooting star

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Just Being

The little Robin appears to transform joy from tears as melancholy bites nature does its upmost to make all bright The wonder of seeing hearing gives untold value to just being

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Right Hook

Sometimes with a left hook, right hook we need to come out fighting proverbial or other life isn’t as one reads in a book Sometimes the only answer the metaphorical right hook

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The Dragonfly cries, as it’s favourite rose dies it is a fickle little soul, as by morning it’s whole a new favourite has been found, blooming from the ground

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One of Those Days……

Shit happens, shit happens, shit happens one of my favourite phrases too often used, maybe too often abused when manure flies maybe it’s just a question, do or die One of the days where the saying is apt normality has been stealthily kidnapped But with a look at the sky the answer appears who will…

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I was meek, now I’m strong I was wrong, now I’m right all was dark black as a moonless night Now I’m dancing in shimmering light

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Rugged and serrated the flint arrow flies humming on the air as it gracefully glides Nearing it’s target it drops to the ground Hunter and Hunted now forever bound

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Spiritual fuel surrounds but also comes from within light the fire fly on emotions burnt For then the strength to conquer is all we require

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Flying Name

Snoopy and Woodstock went to the fair a birdie and doggie who glowed in the fanfare On the carousel Snoopy took the biplane The Ace was his notorious flying name

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The Goat Herder

Down a long arduous path the Goat Herder traverses only one way to go unless he retraces his steps reverses This one sole route his life to and fro he doesn’t mind a simple life makes him content happily glow

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The Old from God’s, the New from Man plastic from Man, trees from God From Man the Gods’ humanity is robbed

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Burn Through

As the Sun reflects, the Mind reflects past times, the present and the path In these moments clarity is a fog but nevertheless the Sun will burn through

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Crazy Hair

The Alpaca with crazy hair mischief, mayhem his god given flair With his shaggy coat the jury is out whether he is more annoying than the Goat

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Balancing Act

Is it preferable to slowly drift away or spectacularly leave with a bang Both have merits, both have downside either way there are consequences whichever we decide

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Marvels of Nature

Unseen, friends of the night an ultrasonic pitch stories tell of their bond with a certain kind of witch In truth they are marvels of nature mammals with flight who do their bit to stem an insect blight

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Under the warming Sun the head slowly droops Now is not the time for excitement or whoops This is the moment for a busy cat to relax dream of cat things purrfect the chillax

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Be Told

Valhalla or fail for the Norse of Lore destiny, fate fuelled by violence hate But perhaps more beliefs of old Within truths can be told

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The Wise Cat

Brush your teeth the Black Cat said in the morning and before you go to bed Wash your paws wisely the Black Cat stated otherwise who knows what might be fated

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The Hawk and Sparrow friends to the last living life to the full having a feathered friends blast A dynamic duo patrolling the free sky inseparable to each other they will never say goodbye

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Great Big Splat

Bum in the sky, searching for pond weed before coming up for air doing the same, day in day out whether sunny, stormy or fair To be a duck quacking this way and that every now and then leaping into the water with a great big splat

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Tiptoeing over the heather peace, solitude is found Looking to sky seeking affirmation are we doing our ancestors proud Looking within affirmation is not that we need the answer to the question grows we are the seed

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