Category: My Poetry

The Coin

The lucky coin flipped in the air the answer stormy or fair Fate decides the path to go whether we have a boat to row

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The Gnat

I have the attention span of a gnat indulge me a gnat wearing a dazzling hat Maybe that’s a tad unfair rather it’s an ordinary peaked cap it wears

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Gazing, gazing, gazing lost in a world of one’s own where freedom is found there are infinite ways to roam Gazing, gazing, gazing

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Mumbo Jumbo

Speaking nonsense a truly comforting friend with an added benefit it drives others around the bend Throw in some mumbo jumbo watch frowns appear makes life much more than very drear

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In Name

Mammoth in name, mammoth in nature staying toasty with a shaggy coat these big fellas in our chronicle are much more than a small footnote

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In the distance, a shape can be seen as we squint, focus escapes our being what we see, grabs our attention somehow we know, we have a connection

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The alarm an unwanted friend bird song a trusted loving buddy as weary eyes open slowly life appears glowing and ruddy

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You Beauty

“You beauty” seen through the window my favourite bird seen often heard Popping by to bring delight with a glance I know all is bright

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The old knees crack and pop going up the stairs the back in the morning refuses to bend with too much effort maybe just maybe they could mend The mind though, an over excited puppy still young at heart adult and child years close rather than further apart

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Through the water the sleepy deer swims dashing on poor tired limbs Abruptly awoken from perfect sleep dreaming of deer certainly not sheep

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We deserve to love ourselves we are the magnificent song bird the glorious sun rising in the morn the steadfast tree refusing to break in the storm the pure blue sky on a summers day as a reminder to ourselves this is something we should say

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The forgotten voices, the unheard voices knowledge, wisdom they convey all should listen deeper to the words they whisper and say

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Bruised Knee

When we are young we want to be old, when old we wish to be young Wants and wishes a part of life sometimes though the cause of unwanted strife Maybe the path is for nothing at all then there are no trips or falls But what an uneventful journey that would be I’d rather…

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Maybe we are all puppets dancing on a string waiting to be cut we can then escape on carefree wings

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Impatiently pacing waiting for the portal to unlock the winner not necessarily the first out of the block

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Rebuild the World with building blocks of infinite dreams no limit, nowhere we cannot go With our imagination there are no barriers or extremes

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The Tree

Staring at a tree nothing being seen within though life bustles busily unseen Looking at a soul true emotions masked within though thoughts whirl positive or dark – The unseen, equally or more important than the seen

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The Jigsaw

The jigsaw when the last piece is misplaced unsatisfying and incomplete As in life, once found whole the circle once again perfectly round

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Shooting Star

The Ant on a swing dreaming, wishing to take to wings As the swing rides high he takes to the air wondering shall I go here or there With a broad smile he travels afar the Ant equivalent of a shooting star

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Just Being

The little Robin appears to transform joy from tears as melancholy bites nature does its upmost to make all bright The wonder of seeing hearing gives untold value to just being

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Right Hook

Sometimes with a left hook, right hook we need to come out fighting proverbial or other life isn’t as one reads in a book Sometimes the only answer the metaphorical right hook

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The Dragonfly cries, as it’s favourite rose dies it is a fickle little soul, as by morning it’s whole a new favourite has been found, blooming from the ground

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One of Those Days……

Shit happens, shit happens, shit happens one of my favourite phrases too often used, maybe too often abused when manure flies maybe it’s just a question, do or die One of the days where the saying is apt normality has been stealthily kidnapped But with a look at the sky the answer appears who will…

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I was meek, now I’m strong I was wrong, now I’m right all was dark black as a moonless night Now I’m dancing in shimmering light

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Rugged and serrated the flint arrow flies humming on the air as it gracefully glides Nearing it’s target it drops to the ground Hunter and Hunted now forever bound

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Spiritual fuel surrounds but also comes from within light the fire fly on emotions burnt For then the strength to conquer is all we require

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Flying Name

Snoopy and Woodstock went to the fair a birdie and doggie who glowed in the fanfare On the carousel Snoopy took the biplane The Ace was his notorious flying name

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The Goat Herder

Down a long arduous path the Goat Herder traverses only one way to go unless he retraces his steps reverses This one sole route his life to and fro he doesn’t mind a simple life makes him content happily glow

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The Old from God’s, the New from Man plastic from Man, trees from God From Man the Gods’ humanity is robbed

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