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The Brush

As the brush caresses the canvas leaps alive which each movement life is born struggling to thrive Nearly complete heavens sing in praise For those who blissfully see to the sky their eyes will raise

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Striding Above Asgard

With Gungnir in His hand Geri and Freki at His side He strides above Asgard seeing far and wide – For he is Odin known as Woden to some Sing loudly in His honour not meekly or a feeble hum – Huginn and Muninn are His faithful eyes Watching Midgard as His most eager spies…

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One To One

Brother to brother deceit and lies the truth is seen by almighty eyes One to one peace and love admiring eyes watching from high above Choice to choice through life go some bring happiness joy they sow

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Well of Life

Sustenance no more for the wells are filled live-givers the philistines have ignorantly killed As earth is moved the wells reborn precious water we shalt never mourn

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The Lady of the Lake

From the still water you rise our Lady of the Lake With unrivalled beauty and grace you are the unwitting cause of much lonely heartbreak – As you majestically rise with tranquil timeless charm we feel your magic and love and know in our hearts you mean us no harm – As with all your…

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Dragon Dreams

When the dragon approaches do we cower in fear Or gaze in marvel and shed a tear – I don’t see the dragon as being our foe but rather magic they can bestow – A lucky omen I see them to be for they are a threat to no degree – If you dream of…

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The Moon Hare

From the Moon you’ve come Skipping over Stars zig zagging this way and that with a detour via Mars – When your cosmic form appears your brethren come out to play Then we know Spring is well and truly on it’s wondrous way – You bring fertility from the Cosmos to replenish the sea and…

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One And You

A cooling breeze beautiful words in prose the soul lifted a blossoming rose Still silence just one and you our gentle hearts on the breeze flew

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Proudly Wear

Little green caterpillar as we watch you grow you bring a smile make our heart glow – Once you’ve had your fill gobbled enough you rest protected in a skin so so tough – Now the magic begins a wondrous change how is a mystery and beautifully strange – After a few long days you…

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The Veil

As her sandals walk the dusty trail Her mind is hidden behind her veil – They say she has a heart of thorns They shout she is daemon born – She is just a girl lost in time the subject of this little rhyme

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Frightful Rage

A furious uproar echoes like rolling thunder A storm heads closer the land shakes under – Birds seek refuge high in the sky For they can hear the storm is nearby – Mammals scatter this way and that Some do full turns like an acrobat – Trees push roots to move away In their panic…

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Never To Fall

They died, for their faith they lived, with their faith following God’s call their faith never to fall Through life’s fires we walk being true to ourselves With this in our heart we will never be alone or truly apart

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My Nocturnal Friend

My nocturnal friend How you see what is invisible to me How you hear what is silent to me My guide through the dark To side step the pitfalls that lie in my path – My nocturnal friend How you see the truth that is hidden from me How you know that which is unknown…

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Cloudless Night

Cloudless night Why are there no stars I look for you but you are not there – Faithful moon You are there Basking us in your dim light – You remind us The universe is endless Time is eternal – We are but the smallest fragments of the whole

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Hazy Gloom

The distant crescent moon Discerned through the hazy gloom I look with a mesmerised humble gaze and lower my head in praise You are majestic wonderful sight We can feel your celestial might For you are a goddess, an enigma We can feel your love and charisma

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Our Lady of the Copse

The willowy willow is her shield The chanting birds are her eyes She is the lady of the copse Mother to the wise – She is hidden but in sight for those who dare to peer into the light – Her appearance reflects what you desire but be warned for the impure it may be…

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Our Mystical Friend

Little deer with you at our side we are gentle not defined by our pride – You help us be true and kind to be sensitive not blind – You give us intuition to see clearly without the fog that muddles the weary – We have your innocence to see the world as a child…

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With a skip, a jump and a hop the rabbit dashes and flies over field and under hedge Surveying with her wide eyes – The brown and white blur hightails back to her abode She doesn’t stop to pause as she rushes across the road – With a leap and a dive she plows into…

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Huginn and Muninn The raven messengers of old Observing from mountain to wold If you see a raven take care what they see For they may take note and report back to He

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Last Thought

From the moment my consciousness sparks into light My first thought is of you – I marvel at your cosmic beauty Feel your sublime radiance Hear your heavenly voice – You are my strength from weakness My hope from loss My future My present – You are the songbird in the morning The warming sun…

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The Hazy Moon

The hazy moon witnessed through arms of the trees The dim stars play peek a boo through the clouds The gentle breeze whispers a ballad to please the ears All bring one to earth

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The Rebellion of Crows

The rebellion of Crows an armada takes flight The sky dark with anger ready to protect and fight An injustice to right the Murder heads East There is no fear as they face the Beast The battle is swift the numbers win The victorious head home making a caw and din

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Skyward I stare through clouds my heart jumping out loud Seeing the beyond calm descends any troubles dissipate peacefully end

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The Little Rabbit

The little rabbit tried to be cheerful rather than living his life being fearful – He felt different not like his kin Hopping back and forth with a broad grin – With wide eyes he saw wonder rather than grey clouds and thunder – The little rabbit shone like the sun Whilst he ran around…

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Melvin the Mink woke up in a daze his brain wouldn’t work he couldn’t think It was all too much for this Mink today Melvin rolled over I’ll get up another day

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The Baby Otter

Around and around is all the Baby Otter can do Mum has fluffed his fur to keep him warm stop him going blue Around and around the Baby Otter goes his nice fluffy coat Mum so carefully prepared keeps him safely afloat

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An Angel tiptoes no sound is heard before fluttering the wings of a bird Wings lift peace is found gently she is gone without a sound

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The Storm

As the storm rages within the tree a face is watching me and thee Clinging on with strength and heart showing the storm will never split us apart

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Escape The Many

Sometimes, always lost in a field of dew seeking that path to escape the many find the few Always, sometimes at one in a forest of oak listening to words as they are gently spoke

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Life beautiful, fragile, short The time to dither no more now is the moment to embrace life’s wondrous decor

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Spring time nature springs into life your heart lifts the soul finds it’s natural rhyme Everywhere is blooming kaleidoscope tones heavenly melodies come out to play It’s a joy to start a new day

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Kaleidoscope wings oscillating you flutter forth and back zigzagging and dancing around the blossoming lilac

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Missing There is something missing Some are happy to just exist For others they know they are more What though is the question And the answer is unknown They know they are not meant to be what they are But don’t know what they are meant to be It’s a paradox Always on the mind…

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Soul begat soul as the Earth circles the Sun endlessly from son to daughter daughter to son

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Once there was a rabbit called Lockdown all he could do was worry with a weary frown One day he realised the worry came to naught only unhappiness it had brought From this day on he tried to not worry but enjoyed life with a leap and scurry

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From the wind of the past she came an ethereal bird fleeing a time gone-by flame To the earth of the future she heads teasing the continuity of life’s threads

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Your radiance transcends the heart and soul your kindness allows a broken one to be whole You can be gently felt when the heart is true all that we are is embodied with you

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Celestial silence surrounds me Driving hail noiselessly hitting the window Relentless wind inaudibly gushing around For it’s seen silently

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In the Distance

The silence of nothing  wakes up the soul  still broken  far from a whole  With gentle stirring  the light is seen  In the distance  who we are  not what we’ve been

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There Are Those

There are those who are there for us come rain or shine see us at our worst on our bruised knees They gently lift us up dust us down set us on our way again quietly soothing our pain There are those

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Plane of Dreams

With a yawn darkness closes in on me The world of consciousness is left I visit the plane of dreams On my travels I see much I hear much Whether I take heed of the wisdom conveyed another matter But messages there are For the plane of dreams tells us much we need to know…

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The Earth Shakes

For the thunder roars as the Valkyries assault No man, no beast can bring to a halt – For the earth shakes as the Valkyries scream The atmosphere boils with forbidding steam – Foe gracelessly fall to the Sisters of Doom All the vanquished have is their everlasting tomb

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The Screech of Seagulls

The waves envelope me the biting wind stings stones underfoot cause pain seagulls screech in my ears The Sea provides warmth the Breeze refreshes the Soul the Stones remind of the wonder of the Earth the Seagulls reinforce we are one with Nature  Wholeness  overwhelms

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