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The gentle movement draws me in The slow hypnotic methodical swaying mesmerises Just focused on the motion I feel serenity wash over me For a moment or two Any troubles dissipate into the void

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When anxiety bites Or the grip of depression looms I stare at the moon Observing it’s surface The subtle shades The patterns caused by eon old impact craters Mesmerised by it’s dim shimmering light As I contemplate my breathing slows calm comes over me For the moon’s beauty and radiance brings tranquility

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Mischief Maker of Yggdrasil

Spreading gossip  you run up and down the Tree causing mischief  with considerable glee  – You are Ratatoskr Yggdrasil is your domain  Drill-tooth or Bore-tooth  is your common name  – Between Eagle and Serpent  from top to bottom  messages are passed  twisted but never forgotten  – The squirrel  from Norse lore  trying to stir up …

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The Rickety Fence

Like an old rickety fence I am In a gentle wind I move  Swaying this way and that In blustery gusts I sway further, creaking  But upright I stay How I fear the storm  My old timbers may not hold A lifetime of battering has done its worse But if the storm breaks me New…

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Homeward You Charge

Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr teeth-barer and teeth-grinder For Thor’s chariot  you are the mythical pathfinder  – To the Hall of Valhalla  homeward you charge  For then Thor can brawl  drink ale with the Einherjar recharge

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The Brave Fallen

The great wolves Geri and Freki  feast in honour in his dinning hall  whilst he drinks wine  watching the brave fallen brawl  – His loyal companions sit at his throne  whilst one sleeps, the other is awake eagerly watching and guarding  their duty to him they will never forsake

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A Spring Day

The silence is elusive the noise is relentless The innocence of youth long gone the cynicism of age well embedded The experience of life  wintry the wonder for Life a dewy spring day

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You are in there somewhere  Where you and your herd roam Within the imposing deep dark forest  is your concealed and safe home  You are our neighbour we rarely see Just knowing you are there wild and free Fills our heart with joy and glee

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Tawny Owl

Tawny Owl  Are you hither Your rustle is heard Like a whisper  Your presence  I can sense  That eerie feeling  and suspense  Always close  but never seen  Hidden in the tree so green

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The Shy Goat

Braving the cold the shy Mountain Goat  huddles and forages in her dazzling white coat Navigating the steep grazing as she goes The lush meadows  the Mountain Goat  happily forgoes

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The Butterfly Whisperer

With a soothing voice and gentle touch She extends her finger to use as a crutch – Her little friend feels her affection For the little girl has a magical connection – She is one with nature nature is one with her This is the way of the butterfly whisperer

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A Nice Cup of Char

Poor impertinent Nutkin lost the end of his tail  For he kept singing  riddles without fail  – In the end little Nutkin  pushed Old Brown too far  He nearly ended up as dinner  with a nice cup of char  – From Old Brown  Nutkin managed to escape  to avoid a rather nasty  and sticky fate …

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Meander of Magic

The Coast Path a journey of joy a wander of wonder a meander of magic Not another soul can be heard The sublime bliss of ballads of birdsong the nattering of nature touch the soul Each crunching footstep a step closer to peace a step further away from harm As if the path of Nirvana…

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Poop Poop!

Poop poop! Mr Toad dashes like a hare Across rivers, over hills on his way to the country fair – Poop poop! Weasels flying this way and that as Mr Toad’s automobile hits for six like a willow cricket bat – Poop poop! Oh dear the mess left behind unnoticed by the excited Mr Toad…

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The Fairy

With a skip the fairy leaps with beaming glee over hedge and bush invisible to you and me – A gentle flutter she makes zipping to and fro playing and dancing whilst her radiant wings glow – If we listen hard enough a giggle may be heard If lucky we may see movement indistinct and…

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Down The River

Ratty and Mole were rowing down the river  As the sun went down  they started to shiver  – The glorious day had  taken a turn for the worse  Ratty was getting grumpy  his voice was getting terse  – Mole was worried  he would miss his dinner that without his sumptuous food he would get awfully…

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Still drops of water on the window Motionless cat staring something taken her fancy – Stillness in the air For nothing is moving except the slow beat of my heart – A time for quiet contemplation collect one’s thoughts For calm and peace is found

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The Burning Rose

Beauty is being destroyed for the rose is on fire Mankind has created a situation so so dire – We can only pray that a seed has flown That the rose will rise once it has been sown

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The Grassy Field

The grassy field with eyes sealed is where I sat Wishing to be healed – With no vision the world I clearly heard the bees buzzing The song of a nearby bird – For that moment with just my ears my thoughts I wiped away life’s tears

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In silence  solitude is found  lost in thoughts in memories  we are drowned  A time to reflect  sombrely think musing magic  watching it sink

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A Pilgrimage

Striding across field and lake he has left his past long ago in his wake – His is a pilgrimage of the soul to find that place where he is whole – He believes such a place must exist where peace and harmony give a loving kiss

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The Nomad

The dusty trail the Nomad walks Beyond voluptuous valleys Across fields of sun burnt pastures  The chaotic world left behind – With no one in sight He walks without sound or murmur  In quiet contemplation of that he has left  And of the future unknown  – With each step of his worn boots The weight…

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A Glimmer

Through bleak darkness  a glimmer of light  illuminates  the world becomes bright  Before long  blossom arrives  then we know  we are truly alive

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The Warrior rises baby in Arms One to protect and see no Harm Made of iron a gentle Soul Guard the little one his only Goal

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There Was Once A Boy

There was once a boy  as birds sung in the morn there was only silence  for there was no joy  As reality was decoded  the boy drifted away  to the mind’s sanctuary  unhappiness eroded  His safe home  a world of make believe  here he was happy  in peace he could roam  – There was once…

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As we soar high in the clouds We look down see what we were What we will be  will only be known once we have soared  some more

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The Key

You peer down from high above the Clouds  Can you see us amongst the heaving crowds We look up the Stars and Moon we see For that moment our eyes and heart are the Key

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The Answer

Do we truly know that we seek do we truly know who we could be Is our heart full of joy and glee Is our soul open and true Our faith helps find the answer deep down we always knew

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As I shut my eyes Your radiant visage is at the corner of my vision  Your presence warms my soul Your hand guides my journey  Your wisdom allows me to see the truth  Your courage fortifies my own – I long to shut my eyes again  So I can be in your company once more

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We know you are there keeping our soul true Hidden but seen for we can feel you Quietly and subtlety you guide our journey giving assistance when all is stormy Who you are is only known to each For you are there if we reach

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Tentative Footsteps

A pilgrimage of the soul a journey of the heart tentative footsteps onwards faith will not depart Courage and conviction to continue along the way “Guide me and Protect me” we whisper as we quietly pray

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All Our Years

Bog Oak for hundreds if not thousands of years you have been hidden missing a million tears Your ancient beauty is a gentle prompt that resilience is with us for all our years

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With our head bowed, peace is found as we gently whisper, you lovingly listen words are heard, hope is given For in the Home of God all are welcome all can be Risen

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The Brush

As the brush caresses the canvas leaps alive which each movement life is born struggling to thrive Nearly complete heavens sing in praise For those who blissfully see to the sky their eyes will raise

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Striding Above Asgard

With Gungnir in His hand Geri and Freki at His side He strides above Asgard seeing far and wide – For he is Odin known as Woden to some Sing loudly in His honour not meekly or a feeble hum – Huginn and Muninn are His faithful eyes Watching Midgard as His most eager spies…

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One To One

Brother to brother deceit and lies the truth is seen by almighty eyes One to one peace and love admiring eyes watching from high above Choice to choice through life go some bring happiness joy they sow

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