Category: My Poetry

Clackity Clack

The old’uns clackity clack as they limp around the track The new’uns fly and purr as they whizz like an excitable cat Sitting in the pit lane watching the circle of life seeing sunshine rather than rain

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Ye Olde House

Ye Olde House on the hill a sanctuary of peace next to harmony Mill A haven of nothing where everything is happily something – Ye Olde House on the hill a place where all can have their old world fill

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The Lake

Some days, some days anxiety is here to stay the heart flutters but not to dance and play Other days anxiety has taken a break the heart beats calm as the most tranquil lake

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Why are some people always so friggin’ angry I look at them expecting them to spontaneously combust – Boom

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Mad Moment

Crazy, crazy, crazy that is what she is today flying around happy in solo play Crazy, crazy, crazy the life to be living in the mad moment the point where common sense and fun don’t agree

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From the shadows the man came under watching eyes of fire and flame To the sunlight the man walked leaving behind a path of chilled burnt chalk – From the shadows the man came

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As the Sun ripples across the Sea words are whispered, messages conveyed the humble hear, see as the heart truly prays

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Scorchio it’s meant to be whilst all nature huddles under a tree As the weather playfully plays hide and seek we just want the Sun to peek

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Lost in words a devilishly good book to read whilst sipping a virtual jug of escapism mead

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The Bend

Truest of true friends a gift from the highest of above A relationship born nurtured in unconditional un-judgemental love Truest of true friends sometimes, just sometimes though drive you around the bend

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Who we be, who we are the same? from close, and afar Not for me, or you I guess distance can transform the pawn in chess

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Simple, definitely a pilgrim, maybe One plus one equals two is the life for me Any other answer watch me flee

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From the North the Bird of Ice travels the mist left behind slowly unravels To the South the Bird of Ice heads to complete the Universe’s climate threads

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Phew the leap has been made reaching that which eyes surveyed The odyssey complete time to enjoy the plunder followed by a well earned dozy slumber

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Just a little bit crazy the way to be seeing humour strangeness in all Being normal not what it’s meant to be crazy is perfectly fine for you and me

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The Geek

Pedal to the metal is not for me finger to the trigger fills my soul with glee Socialising is not something I seek I’d rather read a book I’m very much the geek 😊 and proudly so………

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Lost in the path of legend, fantasy and lore maybe the wrong word just seeking more

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Mental well-being manifests in many varied ways when I feel an obsession to tidy be aware of incoming dark turbulent waves The warning of the rising tide an opportunity that may be on the surf we can ride rather than disappear and hide

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Fair Play

As the Owl concentrates it spots it prey swooping down hooting “hey” This owl believes in the fairest of fair play it’s prey may live for another day

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Expert at nowt jolly amateur of all A life where pressure of stuff will never overcome make him fall

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Waking up early an alarm call from the Gods Bastet on the prowl Athena in flight Odds of a lie in not very bright

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Choo Choo

Choo choo the Dark Troopers approach Luke leaps and flies as if swinging on a rope After a few moments the Dark Troopers are down Luke pushes forward with a relentless frown Choo choo

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Anger and hate shouldn’t be humanity’s buddy and mate Kindness and love a friend for one and all who helps us up dusts us down, when we fall

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The Waterfall

As the Water takes us the path is known one from which we will be nurtured and grown As the Waterfall approaches we know the end is near the time ahead we hold very dear

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Lock and Key

The evasive key hidden but true unlocks the mind remember who we are that we knew The ever present lock holding us back our mental prison which gives no slack

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A path travelled there were many turns where everything could have unravelled By grace of whatever the true was found now the fog is just misty background

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The Trial

The Young Padawan his time the trial he will face will his Master be proud his heart still not a murmur or race The moment is now for his training is done Far too late for the Padawan to hide or run

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