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Once Lost in Nowhere, then Perditus

Now just a Simple Pilgrim

Plane of Dreams

With a yawn darkness closes in on me The world of consciousness is left I visit the plane of dreams On my travels I see much I hear much Whether I take heed of the wisdom conveyed another matter But messages there are For the plane of dreams tells us much we need to know…

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The Earth Shakes

For the thunder roars as the Valkyries assault No man, no beast can bring to a halt – For the earth shakes as the Valkyries scream The atmosphere boils with forbidding steam – Foe gracelessly fall to the Sisters of Doom All the vanquished have is their everlasting tomb

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The Screech of Seagulls

The waves envelope me the biting wind stings stones underfoot cause pain seagulls screech in my ears The Sea provides warmth the Breeze refreshes the Soul the Stones remind of the wonder of the Earth the Seagulls reinforce we are one with Nature  Wholeness  overwhelms

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Joy and Rebirth

Goddess of the Harvest Demeter is your name  You are also known as the Goddess of the Earth  by those who know your fame  – Lost was your daughter Persephone, from your union with Zeus  Your grief brought famine  until Zeus sent Hermes  to make a much needed truce  – The grief at your loss …

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The Phoenix

Transformational from old to Young the Phoenix a legend rejoiced in Song Renewal the heart of the Story in it we find peace in all its Glory

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The Line

The Sea  the Life giver  the Heart  to each and every River  – Watched over by a God who goes my many names  Neptune and Poseidon  are just a few he claims  – Without this majesty of nature  humanity and the Earth will be lost  To not wreak his wrath  there is a line that…

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Serendipity the stars bring forth A previous unknown becomes a known The known brings joy as if the missing nexus  has been found The nexus of completeness

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Golden Mane

Golden Mane  or Gullinbursti  For that  is your other name  – With a glorious mane to illuminate the trail  Your companion Freyr  has light  without fail

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From the depths of self destruction the buzzing bee flies life used to be the proverbial by and by Higher and higher the frantic bee goes no longer caring what it doesn’t know

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The Biting Wind

As biting wind stings the face Absence of love pains the heart As burning sun scorches the skin Cruel words set fire to wellness  As bird song brings joy Kindness delivers happiness

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The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;  courage to change the things I can;  and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time;  enjoying one moment at a time;  accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;  taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not…

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The forest crashes down the earth trembles this is what our mind at it’s worst resembles – Flowers are in bloom the sky is blue our mind as the light shines though – When our mind suffers an ecosystem shift we all need  understanding a loving lift

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The Apple

The Apple fruit to you and me to science the answer by decree The Apple a symbol of more once found maybe just maybe we should open the door

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The Struggle

The struggle Trying to break free Claw the way out Us Trapped in our own veneer A lifetime incarcerated Imprisoned within ourselves  But we will escape and we will be free

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