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Chapter 1

Rob Hill was a farmer on his family’s diary farm in Wiltshire. He was 17 years old, had big fuzzy hair and was not the archetypal farm boy.  He generally wore an AC/DC t-shirt, Dr Martens boots and listened to heavy metal music on his smartphone as he worked.

He was driving the tractor back to it’s shed when his father shouted “Rob can you have a bit of a clear out in the old barn tomorrow. Some of the rubbish in there goes back to when granddad was young”. 

“Will do Dad”. he said. “Good lad” shouted his Dad.

Rob parked the tractor and walked to the barn where the sheepdogs Max and Barney slept. He fed the dogs and gave them fresh water and closed up the barn door for the night. “Good night boys” he said as he shut the door “time for bed”

Rob walked into his family farm house and found his mum in the kitchen. “Have you put Max and Barney to bed and fed them?” asked his Mum. “Yes Mum” he said “what’s for dinner?”

After Rob had finished his favourite chicken pie dinner he went to his bedroom to listen to some music and relax, As usual as a farm worker he had an early start in the morning, he was up at 5.30am each morning helping his dad milk the cows. 

The next morning was the same as every other one, get up, round up the cows, milk them and then clean the cow shed. Then it was time for breakfast, Rob’s favourite meal of the day.

After breakfast his dad said he was going to veterinary to pick up some medicine and reminded Rob to start on clearing out the old barn. Rob got out his old battered 50cc off-road bike and with Max and Barney running alongside rode to the old barn which was in one the fields furthest from the farm yard.

Parking the bike Rob walked to the barn door which looked as if it hadn’t been opened for decades. After a bit of persuasion the barn door opened and Rob walked in. What a mess he thought. Rob started some Metallica playing on his smartphone and set to work,

After moving a number of old milk churns Rob came across an old glass syringe with a beast of a needle. It looked like it still had liquid in it which had turned an awful black colour. There was a label which was worn but looked like it said steroids in scruffy writing. Rob put it carefully away and carried on clearing out the old barn. 

Three hours later Rob sat down to eat some lunch he had brought with him. Max and Barney were nowhere to be seen and Rob guessed they had got bored and headed back to the farm. There was an old box next to where he was sitting and he leant over to look at it. As he opened it a rat leapt out and it made Rob jump and fall off the log he was sitting on. The rat disappeared and he felt a sharp pain as he fell. When he looked down he noticed that he had sat on the old syringe with a beast of a needle as he fell. The syringe he now noticed was empty.

He went back to his farm house and told his mum what had happened. His mum contacted the village doctor, Dr Robson who visited and examined Rob and gave him a tetanus jab. He told Rob to get some rest and Rob headed to his bedroom. 

“Will he be okay” his mum asked “what about the liquid in the syringe?” 

“He should be fine” said Dr Robson “the syringe looks about 30 years old and the contents were cow steroids by the look of them and they would have degraded by now to be harmless” “But keep an eye on him for the next couple of days just in case”

Rob listened to some music and fell asleep. He had a restless sleep with bizarre dreams. When he awoke his dad was sitting by his bed. 

Dad, why are you here?” he said with bleary eyes which wouldn’t focus “You have been asleep for 48 hours with a fever” his Dad said “we were so worried”

“What?” he muttered

“Dr Robson said it’s likely the liquid in the syringe gave you an infection. He gave you large doses of antibiotics and mum or I have been sitting by your bed all the time.”

“Now you are awake I’ll call Dr Robson to check you over. We were so worried son.” 

Dr Robson examined Rob and said surprisingly that there was no sign of the infection and that Rob’s temperature was now fine. He told Rob’s mum and dad that Rob should keep getting some rest and take a course of antibiotics for the next 10 days. 

For the next few days Rob stayed in his bedroom listening to music and playing computer games. 

Chapter 2

The next few weeks were uneventful Rob got back to work and felt fine, in fact he felt better and stronger than for as long as he could remember. 

One day he headed back to the old barn on his motor bike to finish the clearing out he had started a few week ago. As usual Max and Barney followed him to see what he was up to. 

As he was straining to lift an old plough he started to feel odd and then started to hurt all over and the pain soon became unbearable. Something was happening to him his clothes were ripping and through the pain he felt he was growing. His forehead felt as if it was going to explode and his hands and feet were burning. He doubled over until the pain subsided. 

When the pain had gone he opened his eyes and the first thing he saw were his hands. They were huge and covered in something. The fingers and thumbs were still there but they looked like they were covered in a hard material. He stared at them and held them up. Next he noted his arms, they were huge, muscled and black and white. In fact all of him was huge. He tentatively stood up and banged his head on a beam in the barn. He was massive at least over six and a half feet tall and built like a body builder. There was an old mirror in the barn and he walk over to look in it. With each step the boards in the barn creaked and some broke under his step. When he got to the mirror he gave out a shriek. His face was there and his big fuzzy hair. It was clearly him but his hair was black rather than his normal mousy colour and his skin was black with white patches like his arms. But what shocked him more was the horns coming out of his forehead. He saw a monster. 

He knelt down and started to cry in confusion. What had happened to him.  What was he to do now he thought. He cried and cried and wished he was his old self and then for some reason he felt a change again. He felt himself getting smaller. There was no pain this time, he saw his hands change back to normal and when he lifted his head and looked in the mirror he saw the normal Rob Hill. He cried again but this time with happiness until he saw his ripped clothes and then he started to laugh uncontrollably. What was going on and what would his mum think when she saw the state he was in. He needed to sneak into his home he decided!

Over the next few weeks the change kept on occurring but luckily when Rob was alone. After a while he found if he strongly willed himself to return to normal he would change back and also amazingly in reverse he could will himself to change into the monster. The change became less and less painful. It was like his body was getting used to it. It now hardly hurt at all.

Whilst as the monster he tested what he could do – he was unbelievable strong he could lift the farm tractor over his head. The tractor weighed over two tons. His hands and feet seemed impervious to damage and his skin and flesh seemed super tough. He may look like a monster but he felt like a superhero. Cow-Boy he thought to himself with a laugh.

Clothing was an issue as it ripped each time he grew. He visited the charity shops in a nearby town and bought an oversized old worn black bikers leatherjacket and some massive jeans. He didn’t need shoes when in monster form due to the hard covering on his feet. They were too big in any event to fit into any shoes. 

The bikers jacket he embellished with an AC/DC patch on the back and he bought a second hand army rucksack to keep the jacket and jeans in. He started to take the rucksack with him wherever he went. His mum was clearly curious why but never asked.

To change into the monster he had to take off his top, trousers, socks and shoes beforehand to prevent them ripping. It was a bit of a faff but it seemed to Rob worth the price!

Rob was sitting down for dinner with his mum and dad one night and his dad asked “Have you heard what Beth Delany is saying?”  “Yes, I think she may have had too many gins” his mum replied. 

Rob looked up. “What’s that?” he said.

“She said she saw a monster over at 4 acres field, big, black and with horns apparently. I think she may be going cuckoo.” replied his dad. 

Rob nearly choked on his food, “Are you ok Rob?” asked his mum. “Yes sorry, that’s insane” he said. 

“Does anyone believe her?” he asked. 

“Of course not, there are no monsters around here except for the Barnett boys after they have had too many drinks down at the Lion Inn” his dad laughed. 

Rob laughed but thought to himself he needed to be more careful. He finished his dinner and headed to his room. Whilst laying on his bed he wondered what he should do with his new monster friend. He had been thinking about this a lot over the recent days. He felt that this had happened for a reason and that he should use it for some good but he was worried that others once they saw him would just see a monster. And that wouldn’t he surmised end well.

“Have you heard about the monster, Rob” said Lucy. Rob was at his friends house. He had known Lucy Sturbridge for as long as he could remember. Lucy was a bit older than him and her family also owned a farm which was adjacent to his family’s farm.  Lucy was a veterinary nurse working at a veterinary practise in Devizes.

They had hung out together as children and were best friends. Lucy always wore her brown hair in a ponytail as far as he could recall. In his eyes she had the most beautiful face and sparkling mischievous green eyes. He was deeply in love with her but was too scared to tell her. 

As children she was a bit of a tomboy and still was in fact. They had got into all types of scrapes as children and in numerous occasions Lucy had got them out of them. On a few occasions due their antics their parents had band them from playing together. That never lasted long, however, and they were soon up to mischief.

Lucy was wearing a shirt with her sleeves rolled up and tight jeans. He had rarely seen Lucy in a dress. She only ever seemed to wear shirts and jeans or her nurse outfit.

“Yes, dad told me” he said “dad thinks Mrs Delany is going barmy. He said the only monsters around here are the Barnett boys” he laughed. 

Lucy laughed “The Barnett boys are monsters. Tom Barnett asked me out again at the weekend”. 

“Oh, what did you say” he muttered.

“The same as usual” she said “I told him to get stuffed!” she laughed.

He laughed. “Boys are far too much trouble” she    said “except for my lovely Rob Hill”. He blushed and she laughed. 

“Dad thinks there may be something in what Mrs Delany says. You know for years he has being going on about there being a monster around here” she said

“Yes but that was a giant cat like monster” he said

“Maybe it’s had a baby” she laughed. 

“Anyway he has taken to taking his shotgun in the tractor when he goes out to the fields. I think he thinks he is a big game hunter.” she said. “So far he has come back with a rabbit”

He laughed. 

“How are you after your bottom accident” she said with a smile.

“What bottom accident?” he stuttered 

“The syringe up the” she laughed.

He blushed and muttered “fine thank you”

“I’m only teasing. We were all terribly worried about you. God only knows what was in that syringe. It could have had all sorts of side effects” 

If you only knew he thought.

“Will you stop thinking about my bottom” he laughed. This time it was her turn to blush. 

“Anyway if you see the mysterious monster make sure to take a picture” she said changing the subject “I had better get ready for work now, I don’t want to be late again.”

“Ok” he said “I’ve got jobs to do anyway, dad will be mad if they are not done. See you later and thanks for the tea and cake. Your mum’s homemade cakes are fantastic as usual”

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