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  1. Prophetic indeed. Lovely! Remingds me of a
    poem wrote in an English class when in Junior College while taking Technical Drawing. Used it in Preface of book:
    In 1980, I wrote a poem for a creative writing class while in junior college living near San Francisco. I only got a “C” on the assignment. I’ve kept a copy all these years. It seems to apply to today’s current situation, as it did then. The following is my “Sonnet 1980” revision 40 years later.

    “Sonnet 2020”

    Minds all too distant – the leaders of the land,
    Dissatisfaction! – Truth! mislead masses demand.
    Many fingers pointing – no one takes the blame,
    Old clocks ticking – yet times remain the same.

    The people crying – tears of distress so pure,
    Great hunger and thrust – none see the cure.
    Many eyes seeking – someone from the clan,
    The forest’s desire – a strong oak in the land.

    Same sex unions – men’s hand upon the hip,
    Preachers love preaching – reputations they rip.
    Children taken away – authority just and fair,
    Hearts of mothers broken – so few really care.

    Deceitful seekers seeking – a profitable plan,
    Man’s dream of Utopia – so far from hand.

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