The Wolf, The Raven, The Owl

The Wolf, the Raven. the Owl

made a blood pact

to defend each other

if the Bear attacked

The Bear, the Fox, the Cat

made a solemn vow

to stand as brothers

if attacked by the Owl

Secretly the Fox and the Wolf

as they were kin

agreed not to fight each other

as they saw it as a sin

The Fox agreed with the Raven

to attack the Owl

so the Raven was the only soul

in the air would prowl

The Owl and the Raven

hated the Cat

as he preferred eating birds

to a mangy rat

The Bear

a simple soul

just ate them all


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Now just a Simple Pilgrim

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  1. “Very interesting!” as Arte Johnson used to say on Laugh-In. Seemed a bit prophetic to me, especially after reading the following article that just came in before switching over to catching up on e-mails, starting with yours:
    Wolf – EU
    Raven – UK
    Owl – US
    Fos – China
    Cat – Iran
    Bear – Russia
    HUM!?!? And it makes me wonder!


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