Private Equity – Cancer or Cure?

Further to my post “Today” from a few days ago (I think that makes sense) I have been reflecting on the circumstances that led to me having no choice but to resign from my role.

I was trying to join all the dots to understand where the cause of the ill came from and all paths led to the ownership of the firm. Prior to a few years ago the company was owned by staff and had an awesome reputation, then a private equity firm offered to invest to help the company grow. Slowly over time since this point in my view the culture deteriorated to point where a cancer started to grow at the top level.

Ultimately my observation is that in this case at least the ownership led to all the focus being on the resale value and considerations of staff well being and the interest of clients became secondary.

These are my views only and may be totally wrong or maybe this isn’t a reflection of the wider private equity industry.

But in my mind the question remains – private equity, cancer or cure?

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  1. In September of 2018 the owner sold the business i was at to a private group, they hired a person to run the business. The new executive manager put his interest first above all, and made sure everyone knew he was the boss. By April of 2019 i walked out, one can only swallow so much before you say enough. It was like the devil had come to the business to destroy it. I put my trust in God, and it was the best thing i ever did. He will never leave you, nor forsake you. Blessings to you.

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