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Another crazy weekend in the UK has just unfolded. 

We’ve had panic buying of fuel so now emergency workers can’t get fuel to get to work. This started principally due to the irresponsible news talking up the problem to make it a self fulfilling prophecy. 

Politicians have been throwing around insults like kids in the playground, maybe that is unfair to kids who probably have more restraint. 

All the while the plight of those countries still ravaged by COVID is unreported and ignored. 

Too many tantrums and rattles seem to be order of the day. Rage and fury is not a replacement for actually getting good things done.

To finish on a brighter note. Here is a cute puppy piccy….

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  1. I’ve got good friends all around England and been hearing of the shortage. We have the gas here in The States, but costs a fortune, like everything else these days. Can’t get out of the grocery story without spending $100 for the basics – insanity! Not a good situation for anyone. Hang in there, my friend! ✌🏼

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