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I was watching a TV programme recently and the main premise of it was if you have your home filled with items which reflect memories then that can stop you fully enjoying your future. This is an simplistic summary of it but the gist was somethings can hold you back.

Whilst I don’t agree with the full sentiment of the programme as memories are a significant part of what we are, I do agree from my perspective anyway that looking back too much is unhealthy. 

That time has gone, cannot be revisited or changed and therefore I try to focus on what I can influence, which is the now and the future.

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  1. Agree. We moved 22 times in 40 years because of hubby’s work. Every time we moved we tossed things away because they were simply things. But special items with special memories were taken with us to join new memories of the next. As a result, we are clutter free and enjoy moments that signify wonderful memories in now that we have retired and sprinkling a few now memories here and there.

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