Always A Silver Lining

I’ve mentioned before I’ve had my challenges with alcohol in the past. I haven’t had a drink for a number of years, and I don’t crave it or even think about it but I still do avoid situations where there is alcohol. 

The main reason for this is that I’m not confident how strong my willpower would be if temptation came my way. Secondly and less importantly on the few occasions I have been out where friends have been drinking I’ve found there is a point in the evening when we are on a completely different wavelength. If they are tipsy and you are not it can feel like you are talking a completely different language. 

One benefit of not drinking though is quiz nights!  I’ve been on non drinking teams who have started slowly and smashed it at the end as the other teams fall into fits of giggles and alcohol induced sluggishness.

There is always a silver lining…….

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  1. I’m like you brother in the sense that I like to know what’s going on. There was a time I needed pain meds badly due to physical problems and I HATED for the most part how they made me feel. Still do to this day!
    Love you Brother, and love the post!

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