“If You Don’t Mind”

“If you don’t mind” trips off the tongue.

Whenever I say “I’m going to ABC”, “if you don’t mind” quickly follows like a hare out of the gate.

I didn’t realise I did it until someone once pointed it out to me. Now I’m conscious of it and I know I do it all the time.

Whether this is just a polite way of saying I’m going to do something or something much deeper like a need for affirmation or permission I’m not quite sure.

But even though it might mind I’m trying my best to do away with “if you don’t mind”……..

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  1. I was critiqued for using “you know” too much. I tried to eliminate the phrase but the knowledge just made me aware every time I said it, disrupting my presentations. My Dad had the same problem trying to eradicate “the uh.”

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