Warning Signs

I suffer from OCD of the pesky checking variety. It’s better at the moment but at it’s worst I used to have to plan to leave the house half an hour earlier than I actually did as I got locked into a checking loop. Others, I suspect, may recognise this.

During therapy I think I got to the root of it but probably more importantly it became clear that my OCD getting worse was an early warning of my mental health going in the wrong direction.

We are all different but for lots of us there will be early signs that things are not as they should be. I’ve learnt to recognise these to allow me to try to get early help.

The mind, for many of us, sounds an alarm which may allow us to put out the fire before it has taken hold.

We just need to heed the alarm.

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  1. I heard of a husband who said to his wife as they drove off on holiday ‘No you have definitely not left the iron switched on’ He stopped the car and invited her to look in the boot and there was the iron! Since all our lockdowns and being widowed I have FoF – fear of forgetting something. My ten point safety plan going out involves all the things that must go in my back pack from keys, mask, phone, purse, notebook and pen – in case my little road is in lockdown when I return and I have to find shelter somewhere…

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