All my life, if people described me they would invariably say “he is nice”. When I was younger I was a bit aggrieved by this as why couldn’t they come up with a more exciting descriptor. “Nice” seemed boring and what you may say, for example, about a vanilla ice cream.

As I’ve got older, I’ve grown to appreciate the “nice” and even though I’m biased I think if that is how people see you, you have done a pretty good job.

Without wanting to offend anyone, I’d like to wave to all you nice Word-presser’s. 👋

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  1. Well, hello pilgrim. Have a nice day! > Said with a friendly smile. Threw in the “John Wayne” bit for a little chuckle. Ha! Do unto others as you would others do unto you. LOLGB+

  2. Waving 👋 back. Nice is good 👍🏼. Stay nice, we need more nice people around. Um, I’m nice too. And finally starting to enlarge my circle as I discover other nice people here in WordPress.
    I hold your hand or will sit with you anytime.
    Be well, friend. I wish you miracles.

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