A Plus B Equals C

A philosophical question.

If you are happy with where your life is now, do bad decisions or choices in the past truly matter. Arguably changing choices in the past, however small, could as with the butterfly affect impact where we are now.

Consequently both the good and the bad are part of the current equation. One without the other would get a different answer, A plus B would no longer equal C.

The answer could be better or equally could be worse.

I’ll stick with C.

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  1. I also think past decisions, good or bad, determined we are now. We can’t change the past but hopefully we can plan the future by deciphering why we made bad decisions and not repeating those actions. If only I had a time machine. 🙂

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  2. I like your thinking on this… I do think however that you can learn patterns of past behavior (whether good or bad) that is useful information for predicting the future. I like that your thinking outside the box and getting me to think.

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