Mental Health And Other

I’m trying to make this blog a bit like my first, Lost in Nowhere, which was a bit of everything that randomly came to mind. My second blog Perditus was pretty much just poetry and I think I fell out of love with that one so now I’m here.

As background I started my first blog Lost in Nowhere as I was struggling with mental illness. My darkest days were behind me when acute depression combined with misuse of alcohol resulted in a very dangerous place for me.

I turned that corner a number of years back but each day I still need to reflect and work to maintain my health.

My first blog helped with this as thoughts bouncing around my head could be exorcised by writing and posting them. I’m going to use this blog in a similar way so please excuse any obscure brain dumps which may come your way.

Lastly, and most importantly I learnt the hard way that we all need to talk about our problems be it mental health or other. WordPress and it’s community I have found is the perfect place to find empathetic caring souls who are always willing to listen.

I doff my virtual hat to you all.

Mental Health

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Once Lost in Nowhere, then Perditus

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  1. I have made a lot of online friends over the years, people I WOULDN’T trade for the world. I’ve had a year plus fight with cancer and am getting back in the groove, so getting back to people I truly love and finding new friends is a blessing from God in my book!

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