A Refuge

I think like a lot on WordPress probably too much of my spare time is spent within the mind. Thoughts coming and going, some worthy of grabbing others just waft away never to be seen again.

The mind though is a refuge, a safe place where we can be who we are, who we want to be.

I’ve been through various incarnations on WordPress, firstly Lost in Nowhere, then Perditus and now this blog. Each time though my various thought ramblings have been kindly tolerated by the community and really this post is to say thank you.

I use other social media but this group is without doubt the most thoughtful, sensitive and open of them all.

For me it is a safe place in an uncertain world.

So once again, thank you

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Once Lost in Nowhere, then Perditus

Now just a Simple Pilgrim

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  1. I enjoy spending my time here. The people are indeed more thoughtful and accepting of other ideas and beliefs. We learn from each other and become much more understanding this way. As of yet, I have not had to deal with anyone rude or out to cause issues. Of that I am thankful.

    • I so agree. I come others on other social media notable FaceBook who are writing and I suggest they should post here for the positive experience and to see the awesome writers and artists on display.

      I owe a lot of my sanity to WordPress! 😊

      • I have done the same. Many people I know who write have faced issues with trolls making their life miserable. It seems the people who do not write, have no understanding of the creative characteristics of a writer, but seen dead set on making their trash comments. I’m glad that I have not found that here and that I can happily invite others to this experience.

      • I have signed on to so many different sites I’ve lost track. It was the same stuff over and over. I’ve not really been attacked much, but it bothers me seeing others attacked so I pretty much avoid most of them now.

  2. I agree, same here. I am also very grateful, it is as if there was a world within world … Thank you for being there and share your thoughts. Best wishes from Vienna!

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