The mower glides from overgrown to neat personally I think unruly nature with all its mess is difficult to beat

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Bad Cop

With a little imagination the mini fellas come alive good cop to bad cop fiendishly a little surprisingly maybe arrives

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With a zing and zang confusion reigns ending with an almighty bang When words are used to kerfuffle and confuse we are left speechlessly bemused

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Tumbling, rather flying on the Kaleidoscope wings of change heading somewhere, sometime with a new view, change Clinging on, with the dearest of life hoping those feathers can hold time to be just and bold

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The dust filled wind may sting our eyes but onwards we go head down with neither smile nor frown

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As the storm hits the sail however strong the mast may inevitably fail Looking back, in years to come the storm becomes just a dystopian fairy tale

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The Staircase

Some days we are leaping down the stairs others crawling up with a backpack full of worry wares Wouldn’t it be cool to have one of those uppy downy stairlift things then we can escape on mechanical wings

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The Mosckvich

Just like in the old USSR some seem to be in their own lane in life away from the hoi polloi and all our strife Wind up the Mosckvich swerve into their lane let them feel some of the hoi polloi’s pain

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The Bee

Like a buzzing bee words come and go sometimes fast sometimes slow Those which stick in the mind like glue maybe are just for you

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Upside Down

Is the upside down? upside down or is it in reality above the ground If the reverse is true that down is up then maybe perspective needs a shake up

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Once upon a time expletives fell off the tongue now I’m back in 80’s “Crikey” will do Maybe further back to Victorian times I will go no more saying “trousers” “southern necessities” I will throw

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Inspiration exists in all we need to find the spark light the torch to allow our true souls to embark We can inspire all with our deeds and words we can be a spring day full of humming song birds

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The Harlequin

The harlequin fool leaped and frolicked jumping fully dressed into the pool Some were unkind calling him a tool but really who was the fool The one enjoying life the one pointing the finger a decision I think on which we don’t need to linger

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The Fool

Nine times out of ten I guesstimate maybe I get a call right probably the same for you Nothing wrong with that we just need to be mindful of the One where we may be the Fool

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The Corner

The shadows have always been fine for me if I’m not noticed I’m happy as the happiest of flea In my own corner watching the World content as I slowly grow old

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The 1st of June there is no Sun just darkness gloom An over excited Cat fills the void With claws she is best to avoid

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The Pie

As the pie falls from the Sky the World looks up whispering my oh my It heads to Earth with a resounding thump followed by a splat The World moves on that was that

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At the moment meaningful words pass me by I’m happy to be lost in a world of small talk the inconsequential Hi



Voices often lost can be found sometimes we need to dig deep into the darkest ground

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The daily lift coffee a truly Universal gift A cup or three to kick start the day soon I’m zipping just call me Speedy I say

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Working from home or WFH as we now say pro’s and con’s but the danger we can work a 24 hour day The virtual world convenient to you and me but suffocating it can definitely be

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The Resort

Minutes ticking down until a work call begins if I drank I’d treat myself to a large gin But as I don’t I’ll have to resort to that fall back caffeine support

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